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FM July 2016: Let them go... Let them growIn this issue, we take this a step further to look at how parenting styles need to evolve as your teen moves into adulthood and marriage and become parents themselves.

Patricia D’souza, an experienced psycholo-gist and mother herself, shares deep insight on how parenting styles need to shift gears with the passing of time. In our cover story, ‘Let them Go…Let them Grow’, she shows us how confident parents are loving and supportive in letting their children take steps to-wards growth and maturity.

What do you think is your role to play in helping your child choose a life partner? Is it just posting on a matrimonial website or doing background checks? Dr.Sam and Mary George, authors of a popular premarital guide ‘Before the Wedding Bells’ give us great advice on how you can help navigate your child through the life-changing decision about a future life partner.

We also interview a well seasoned parent, Dr. Mathew, who shares their cross cultural experiences and insights gained during his parenting years and how his parenting style evolved through the years.

Grow healthy, eat healthy, stay healthy!’ by Chitra Ramaswamy Jayakaran is indeed ‘food’ for thought. In your house, in your surroundings, can you grow healthy vegetables and food for your children? Are up for the challenge?

This issue, we also begin a new series titled ‘Parenting with a Twist’ by Abigail Smith. She talks about being an Instructor vs. Commander with children and a paradigm shift in our role as a parent in how we view discipline.

Do you have life changing experiences, stories or insights that you wish to share with others? We’d love to hear from you!

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In This Issue 
Cover Story:
Let them Go… Let them Grow
A Life Partner for my Child
What Parents Can Do (and must avoid)
My Opinion:
Grow healthy, eat healthy, stay healthy!
Parenting with a Twist: Part 1 – Instructor vs. Commander
Health Matters:
Building Back Fitness for the Elderly
The Evolution of Parenting
(An Interview with Dr. Leslie Mathew)
Marriage Masala:
Besan Cheela
Family Falooda:
On your own two feet…
Character or Behavior?

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