Work-Life Balance

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Jan 2012 Issue:  Work-Life  Balance

Work life balance is a term that I’m sure every person has come across. It is such an overused term that is usually used to show that you spend too much time at work and not enough time on the rest of your life or vice-versa. Even Wikipedia defines it as, a ‘broad’ concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) on the one hand and “life” (Health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development) on the other.

At the start of this new year, Family Mantra decided to delve deeper and investigate if this truly is just a broad concept or a reality for a few. Have some people been able to work out the magic formula that achieves the perfect balance? 

The cover piece in this issue is an interview with Mr. Wilfred Davidar, an IAS officer and his wife Dr.Shanthi Davidar, a psychiatrist. In this in-depth, deeply personal interview, they share how they learned to balance the needs of their family with the demands of building successful careers. Their real life challenges and victories will provide you with much food for thought.

Devendra Chowdary, in our feature article ‘The Fine Balance’, shares how he and his wife were able to prioritize a few simple things in their family which made it easy to balance with work. Prabhan’s Reflections bring it all together with his own resolutions of intentional family time because the primary purpose of our creation was for relationship and not for work.

With a new year comes a renewed sense of hope, optimism and opportunity to re-focus on goals. But how long does it take before the resolutions we made with great gusto are broken! Our New Year special article by Sharon and Philip will help you with tips to see your resolutions through. In the midst of all the festivities most parents cannot ignore the fact that exams are round the corner for the kids.

The parenting article ‘When Exam Fever Rages’ by Monica Fernandes will help parents take a step back and consider if the pressure that their kids are under is pushing them over the edge.

Not a day goes by without an article in the newspaper about violence of some kind with religious difference as the primary cause. Rabbi and Chitra in the ‘My Opinion’ column examine how we need to respond in the midst of this and what religious tolerance in practice really is.

Sarah Abraham: Chief Editor

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Wishing you a blessed and promise filled New Year!

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