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Singlehood  Opportunities & ChallengesOver the years, Family Mantra has covered many topics related to marriage and parenting and family life. There is one aspect that we have never touched on and we truly felt that it was time to reach out to this audience – Singles or those who never got married.

Whether by choice or chance, singles play an important role in society. Unfortunately, single life continues to be stigmatized, with single people routinely stereotyped as less secure and more self-centered than married people. Is this true? We asked singles to share their stories with us to put that theory to the test.

In our cover story, Aida talks about ‘Being Single’ in a society where every social gathering is structured around a family and it is incomprehensible to make a choice to stay single. She lets us in to her life journey as she navigates through ‘well meaning’ comments and advice on marriage from everyone she meets. Chitra goes on to throw some light on the opportunities within the challenges of singlehood.

Ms. Shanti Gnanaolivu shares with us in ‘Single by Choice’, how she found joy and purpose in being single.

What singles want married people to know & what married people want singles to know’ is an interesting and insightful read for both singles and married people to understand each other better.

In the ‘Reflections’ column, Dr Prabhan C.M shares his perspective on the role of singles in society today from his extensive experience in counseling.

Most of us are guilty of judging others. To many it has become second nature and we judge others so often and so easily that we do not even realize that we are doing it. In this issue, we bring back the ‘Virtue Matters’ column with Dr. Nitin Joseph’s ‘Judging Others’.

For our married readers, Natasha Fernandez talks about the age old conflict avoidance tactic in marriage, the silent treatment, in her article, ‘Silence is Golden…Not Always!

Mayuri Patel shows us the third entity in marriages and share tips to save your marriage from cell phone addiction in ‘Phone vs Partner, Who do I choose?

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Cover Story: Being Single Feature: Single By Choice
Feature II: What Singles Want Married People To Know & What Married People Want Singles To Know
Virtue Matters: Judging Others Health Matters: Beat The Battle Of Menopause With A Healthy Diet & Lifestyle
Movie Review: The Shack Parenting Matters: Redefining Beauty
My Opinion: Phone Vs Partner, Who Do I Choose? Health Matters II: Eat To Beat Stress: 10 foods that reduce stress
Marriage Mantra: Silence Is Golden… Not Always  Reflections: Singlehood… Also Part Of God’s Plan