Single Parenting

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April 2011: Single Parenting

How do they do it all alone? The home work, the exams, the cricket practices, the swimming lessons, the tantrums, the bruises and the list goes on; all this while simultaneously trying to pursue a career. Single parents certainly don’t have it easy. The responsibility of raising a child solo is challenging and daunting but that is reality for those who have tragically lost a spouse or have chosen to go their separate ways.

Ingrid Albuquerque, a prominent figure in mainstream media for the last three decades, founder and editor of some of the nation’s most successful publications like Savvy, Stardust etc. also found herself in this situation 20 years ago. In this issue, she shares with us her journey and search for true joy as she crossed these dark rivers. Her depth of knowledge and wealth of experience give encouragement and inspiration to others travelling along the same waters.

Very rarely do we get to hear the other side of the story. No, not the spouse’s but the child’s side of the story. Jacqueline Olivia, Ingrid Albuquerque’s daughter writes about how her parents’ break up affected her. This ‘straight from the heart’, honest childhood reflection really shows us how children caught in the cross fire are so deeply affected.

Another aspect of single parenting, not very often considered, is the concept of distant parenting. More and more families make a conscious choice to live in separate cities/countries due to work demands. Can a family still function normally in this situation? Isn’t this single parenting if one parent is away from the children for most of the year? Kamala Benjamin takes a deep dive into this issue and gives us some fresh insights.

With the summer vacation round the corner, we bring you a magical holiday destination that you and your family can visit for some fun and relaxation. ‘Add that Colour’ shows you how you can make learning fun for your children with a few simple changes to their otherwise mundane lessons.

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