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FM April 2015: Reconnect with your familySummer holidays! As parents now it doesn’t spark the same feelings in most of us as it used to when we were kids. Now summer holidays mean two whole months of either the kids being at home and wrecking the house or expensive summer camps or juggling work dropping and picking them up or the hectic vacation for a few days in some exotic place.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Summer time, when the children are not pressurised by studies and school timings, is a great time to reconnect with them, their lost childhood and the kid hidden within us.

In this issue we bring you practical ways to reconnect with your family this summer. Every mother will be able to relate to Sujatha’s story in ‘The Magic Potion That I Drank’. In ‘Reconnect with your Kids this Summer’ you will find there are so many things you can do at home, or if you opt to, on vacation with your children to make sure you make the most of your quality time together.

As adults we are so busy trying to connect with our kids that often times we forget that we need to reconnect with our own parents as well. Strengthening bonds with our parents can’t happen over one breakfast one fine Saturday morning. It takes time and effort, mostly on our part. Find out simple ways you can reconnect with your parents in ‘My Parents and Other Ideas’.

In the midst of kids and parents let’s not forget the most important relationship you have. ‘Rekindle the Romantic Fire’ with your spouse; bring back the zing, spice it up a bit and relish it like never before.

Today we exist in a social media dominated world. Every minute, we are inundated with posts, texts, photos, videos, and news. In an increasingly self-driven world, does social media make us more self-centered and narcissistic? ‘To Post or… Not To?’ delves deep into this in this issue’s ‘My Opinion’ column.

Sarah Abraham: Chief EditorHave a great Summer!

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