Parenting Challenges

FM Archive: July 2014:  Parenting ChallengesWe spend the first 12 months of our children’s lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next 12 months teaching them to sit down and shut up. – Phyllis Diller

Don’t wish you had a manual which gave you the solution for every possible scenario that you would face as a parent? Parenting is the one job that almost everyone at some point does. And yet not one parenting journey is the same – each comes with a unique set of issues. The responsibility of shaping a life is immense and can be daunting at times.

In this issue, we take you through the various phases of the parenting lifecycle – from the infant and toddler years to pre- teen years to the teen years. Parents share their perspective, struggles, coping techniques and lessons learned. Reading their heartfelt stories, you will realize that you are not alone on this journey and their practical parenting advice will definitely help you navigate your course.

We also get to hear the child’s perspective – from a child psychology point of view. A professional counsellor equips you with simple, practical tips to understand and counsel your children in ‘A life in your hands’.

These 2014 Indian general elections they say was won on the development agenda. Whose development is the million dollar question? The My Opinion column, ‘The Convincing Lie called Development’ asks, can development can be justified at the cost of human rights violations? We all have expectations of the kind of life partner we need for a happy married life. The Perfect Match! But is this ‘…happily ever after’ story just a myth? Marriage Mantra talks about the myth of ‘The Perfect Marriage’.

Did you know failing your children is failing a generation? The Reflections column talks about the fact that parenting is a privilege for a period of time given by God and if we do not do a good job, we have not only failed our children, we have failed a generation.

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In This Issue
Cover Story:
Tales of Twin Troubles & Triumphs – The Pre-teen years
Letting Go of the Reigns – The Teen Years
Parenting Matters:
A One of a Kind Journey Called Parenting the Toddler Years
Relationship Matters:
A Life in Your Hands
Movie Review:
The Blind Side (2009)
Book Review:
How to get your teen to talk to you
My Opinion:
The Convincing Lie called Development
Marriage Mantra:
The Perfect Marriage
Health Matters:
A Balanced Diet Plan for your Children
Beware – Failing your children is Failing a Generation