Overcoming Depression

Jan2014: Overcoming DepressionA newly released United Nations Happiness Report ranks India 111th among 156 nations in the happiness survey. The Times of India reports, ‘Depression affects 10% of Indians and day- to-day anxieties are sending more Indians round the bend, say doctors. Anxiety, affecting 25% of the population, is possibly the first stage to the serious-to-handle depression if not addressed.’ Yet the shame and stigma of seeking out professional help of a counsellor or psychiatrist still exists in our society today.

This issue of Family Mantra features real stories of people who realized and accepted they needed help. Journey with them down the road to recovery as they share their deepest anxieties and fears and how they overcame them.

When a family member goes through depression or anxiety it can take a toll on the entire family. Our feature article shares insights into how you can help a loved one through depression.

With a new year comes a renewed sense of hope, optimism and opportunity to re-focus on goals. We start off this new year with a new column, ‘Health Matters’. From a health point of view, our diet counsellor and nutritionist says, the best resolution we can make is to make a commitment to WALK EVERYDAY in the year 2014. She gives practical advice on how we can stick to this resolution this year.

With violence against women having been at an all time high last year, the ‘My Opinion’ column asks; where does violence and abuse of women and children originate? Is it in the minds of a perverted few or is it in the larger cultural narrative of patriarchy?

Marriage is like a plant. The more we nurture the plant, the more it grows into something beautiful and is admired. The less we nurture it, it looks lifeless and before we know it – it’s dead. Marriage Mantra shows you how to ‘Nurture your Marriage’.

Our Parenting section gives great ideas on how to guide your children to not just listen to stories but to tell stories that will help them cultivate the values they need to lead in this world.

Sarah Abraham: Chief EditorDo you have life changing experiences, stories or insights that you wish to share with others? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at talkback@urbanindia.org.

Wishing you a blessed and promise filled New Year!

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Cover Story:
Depression & Anxiety – You are not Alone
Cover Story: 
Unravelled – Reconnect with who you are
Helping a loved one through depression
Movie Review: 
The Vow (2012)
Marriage Mantra: 
Nurture Your Marriage
Money Matters: 
Financial Planning and Discipline
Parenting Matters: 
It’s Story Time!
Instant Rava Dosa
Health Matters: 
Walking Resolution – Get Moving!
My Opinion: 
Violence against Women of the people, by the people, for the people?
Yielded and Still