Infidelity – The state of ‘Affairs’ in India

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Infidelity – The state of ‘Affairs’ in IndiaAs most of you will agree, infidelity and cheating is a subject that seems to be coming up in conversations all around us; be it about a friend who’s spouse cheated or statistics on news blogs or the TV show you watched last night. It is an occurrence so common these days that we barely bat an eyelid when we hear about it. Unless of course you think it may come knocking on the door of your marriage!

Family Mantra has covered this topic six years ago but as an editorial team we really felt the need to revisit it as the statistics have drastically increased. Either due to the fact that it is more openly spoken about today or because India is slowly but surely moving towards a society when the exclusivity in marriage and the sacredness of the marriage covenant is losing value.
In this issue, our team of professional counselors has shared in depth insight from their experiences of counseling couples whose marriages and lives have been shattered due to deception and betrayal. In our cover story, we explore the current state of ‘affairs’ (pun intended) in India and the reasons individuals seem to be looking outside of the marriage to find emotional or sexual fulfillment. 
We never thought we’d be able to find someone who would be willing to share their own experience related to infidelity however one brave young woman came forward to share her story of ‘Surviving Infidelity’. Her experience of the devastating consequences infidelity can have on a person, family and marriage will leave you deeply moved.
The counterfeit pleasure of an affair can never overcome the ways infidelity can destroy a life, marriage and family. The ripple effect infidelity can cause to the cheater themselves, the betrayed spouse and innocent children can be devastating. “Children of infidelity” and “Aftermath of infidelity’ explore the damaging consequences of infidelity.
The ‘online world’ has opened up more possibilities than we ever dreamed possible. Anytime, anywhere, we seem to have the world at our fingertips. But do we have the wisdom needed to make the best use of that information? ‘My Opinion’ sheds light on this new information overload era we are in.
We continue our series titled ‘Parenting with a Twist’ in this issue and delve into how boredom can actually be good for your child.
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Cover Story
The State of ‘Affairs’ in India
Surviving Infidelity
Feature II
Children of Infidelity
Movie Review
Queen of Katwe (2016)
Boredom is good for your child 
Feature III
The Aftermath of Infidelity
My Opinion
Information Overload: Yet Still Foolish?
Counselling Matters
How much is too much?
Health Matters:
Enjoy Your Holiday but don’t go on Food Binges
Infidelity: A deep issue of the Soul