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InfertilityThe urban family issue that we have chosen to talk about in this issue is ‘Childlessness’. ‘Childless’ – not a very nice word is it? Well, other words like ‘infertile’ or ‘barren’ aren’t too great either. Whatever the word used to describe it; the reality is that many couples are shattered when they find out that they are unable to conceive naturally. The struggles that these couples go through are very unique and not all of us are equipped to deal with it when it is someone close to us.

Added to that is the intense pressure to bear children in the Indian family scenario and young couples are bombarded with the ‘any good news’ question from all quarters. In the cover story, we bring you three very different experiences with infertility. Three individuals share their intimate and deeply personal stories. These stories, each with a different outcome or experience, give us deep insight into the emotions and struggles that couples who have difficulty conceiving go through.

If you are in the same situation, you probably can identify and those who are not, get a view of the personal pain that is not usually talked about openly. We have also delved into the ethical and moral dilemmas that arise out of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in our feature article. Family Mantra has provided the view that we as a publication and organization, committed to building strong families, stand for. 

In keeping with our effort to strengthen and restore marriages, we have introduced a new column in this issue called ‘Marriage Mantra’. Couples who have weathered the storms and continue to stay committed share their ‘mantra’ for marriage. The topic for our pilot article is very aptly ‘The secrets to a lasting marriage’.

From Lisbon to Fukushima – Where was God? A rather pertinent question with all the natural disasters and tragedies taking place around us today. Sarah Abraham: Chief EditorNavin M gives you his take on it in his column ‘Virtue Matters’.

Add that Colour’ shows you how you can make learning fun for your children with a few simple changes to their otherwise mundane lessons.

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Grieving the Unborn Child
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Add that Color
Marriage Mantra:
The Secrets to a Lasting Marriage
Virtue Matters:
From Lisbon to Fukushima Where was God?
Family Fun time
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Beyond the Empty Cradle
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Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
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A Question of Ethics
Chicken Cutlet/ Burger Patty
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Wedding Traditions
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