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FM January 2016: Giving and GenerosityWe are living in an age of excess. Excess clothes, excess gadgets, excess cars…and we crave and pursue MORE at every turn. We want MORE security, possessions, experiences, enjoyment, and luxury. In the midst of all this, opportunities to give and be generous surround us at every turn as well. How many of us have ever actually stopped and said, “Enough, I’m content. I think it’s time I start giving those in need!” Imagine if just a few of us began to give generously to those in need, not just money but time, talent and skills. What would our country look like then?

Family Mantra believes that in this consumer-driven world we need to shift our worldview and begin taking advantage of the abundant benefits of generosity. As we begin this New Year, we share with you stories of people who made the choice to be generous regardless of their circumstances. Chitra found the joy of giving and receiving even in the midst of poverty. Her family gave even in dire need and in turn their needs were met providentially.

We also interview Sandeep Emmanuel who set up the Flatfish Network with a vision to be the ‘Voice of Generosity’ in India. He gives practical advice on how we, as a nation, need to start looking at giving and generosity as a lifestyle and not just an act of charity.

Teaching kids to give cheerfully, with love, is very important. It is up to us as parents to inculcate the value of generosity into their lives at a young age. Asha talks about how she teaches her young kids to use money wisely and give back to the community. Kumuda gives us useful tips on uncluttering in ‘Living a Giving (Uncluttered) Life’. You can also read about how a couple learnt the hard way that ‘Having More is Living Less’.

Abigail Smith deals with another extremely relevant topic in the ‘My Opinion’ column – Intolerance. She delves into celebrating our differences and combating intolerance by dignifying others. What would our country look like if we looked at the sabziwala, kabadiwala, mechanic, etc. and saw a human being with perspectives, emotions, opinions, weaknesses and strengths? View them as a valuable part of humanity instead of viewing their worth by what they can do for us and how well they can do it.

We hope this New Year, through this issue, we have been able to sow a tiny seed in your hearts to give more and consider a lifestyle of generosity. Remember, your overflow could be someone else’s necessity.

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