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July2013: CrimeViolence, rape, abuse, corruption…crime and protest against crime screams for attention anywhere we turn. It seems so hard to remember what newspapers, periodicals and television news reported on before we got flooded by the deluge of crime. With the steady diet of negative reporting, are we at a risk of being desensitized to crime? Is there no good news at all? Or is it just that good news does not sell?

In this issue of Family Mantra, we bring you the story of Reny George. From being awarded a life sentence in 1981 to being awarded the CNN-IBN “Real Hero of India Award” in 2008, Reny George has had a long journey of self discovery and learning. Reny shares this journey with us and shows us how a journey of a thousand crimes began with a childish prank. His story is truly one of transformation and one of the most inspiring you will come across.

The founder Chairman of Prison Fellowship India, Dr. Kunjumon Chacko, provides in-depth insight into the profile of a person with criminal tendencies and how you can you protect your child from falling into this self-destructive pattern.

Culture of Violence or Culture of Silence?’ takes us down a different route and asks the question, ‘Does being violent only mean one’s direct involvement in violence or does it also include being silent about injustices around us?’

For most men, the thought of affirming their wives sounds like a lot of work. The Marriage Mantra column gives you thirty ways to cherish your wife. Affirming your wife through even just three or four of these ideas will do wonders for your romance.

We began a series on ‘Managing Personal Finances’ in the previous issue. The second in the series talks about ‘Generous Giving’. Intentional regular giving is a learnt behaviour and it develops from intentional practice. If we wait to have ‘enough’ before we give, we will go the grave still unable to give.

We are all concerned about how we look and we worry about what others think of us. But is this fear we allow to reign over us keeping us from being all that we were meant to be? ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ looks into self image and how spending less energy tied up in what people think, will give you more energy to put into being authentic. 

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An impossible change?
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Roots By Alex Haley
Culture of Violence or Culture of Silence?
A Second Chance
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Thirty Ways to Love Your Lover
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Managing our personal finances: Generous giving
Parenting Matters:
Depression In Children
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Pasta with hidden vegetable sauce 
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