Conflict In Marriage

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FM April 2016: Conflict in MarriageWhile Family Mantra has dealt with many deep issues that impact families, ‘Conflict in Marriage’ is probably one that impacts most of us on a weekly if not daily basis. The realization that your spouse is completely different from you (or too similar) leads to a lot of friction and irritation that makes “Happily Ever After” not-so-happy after all.Having a spouse who faces life differently can often tempt us to attack each other. Despite the mutual love for each other, sometimes personalities can beso different which leads to constant conflict. 

In our cover story, an experienced psychologist shares practical advice and gives great insight into how to deal with solvable problems and perpetual issues that come up in most marriages.  

We get a man’s perspective on what he calls the ‘Marriage Waltz’ a three step dance. He says, “Dealing with conflict in your marriage might also seem awkward and hard to learn at first, but as you practice these three steps, you and your spouse’s marriage will grow in beauty.”

Weathering the Storm’ gives us sound counseling insight into dealing with a marriage in crisis. A marriage can be reclaimed when two imperfect people strive to not accept defeat in their marriage. Marriage is not about simplistic or quick fixes, it is the grace one dons to make it a commitment of love, celebration and rainbows! 

This issue’s Parenting column talks about how important it is to teach our children that it is not wrong to FEEL an emotion, but it is what we DO with that emotion that matters greatly. 

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