Can Counseling help me?

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Family Mantra: July 2015 Issue: Can Counselling help me?
Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Face time…so many ways to stay connectedkeep in touch and be virtually closer these days! Everyone is just a call/text away. In spite of all this advanced connectivity, there are countless number of people who find themselves lost when they have problems and do not know whom to talk to. Given the rising need for psychological assistance and mental-health experts all over the world, India is still less aware of counselling practices and apprehensive to seek professional help. We have no problem going to the doctor when we have a chest pain but when it comes to matters close to the heart we try to ‘get over it’ on our own!

Family Mantra, as a publication, believes that at a time when there is increasing mental pressure, it is important to shed light on the need for counseling and rectify the misconceptions due to which people are hesitant to reach out for much needed and perhaps ‘secretly desired’ professional help for their everyday emotional upheavals.

In this issue, experienced family counselors delve deep into the need for counseling, dispelcommon myths about counseling, provide insights into when a marriage counselor can be beneficial and show us how our own negative thoughts affect our mood and behavior.

The counselors at Home Shanti, a Counseling Centrewhich aims to strengthen the society by strengthening families through counseling, provide answers to help you tackle your counseling dilemma. 

What Lies Beneath’ beautifully shows how a counsellor is present as a mere catalyst to witness the magic that happens when a couple start listening to each other as individuals in a counselling session. Children and teens, like adults, can benefit from counseling to cope with stress andemotional and behavioral issues.

I don’t need anybody, I have family!” is the story of a teen who was equipped to embrace life and have hope after deep self examination during counseling.

Having strongly recommended to seek help through counseling, we do also advise you to exercise discernment and caution about the person or place you choose for counseling. ‘Reflections’ sheds light on choosing a counselor wisely.

It is our hope at Family Mantra that this issue will provide you with enough insight to make an informed decision about seeking counseling or helping those you know in need of counseling support.

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