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FM April 2012: Adoption

May 15th is the International Day of Families. A day when families are celebrated and healthy and well balanced families are promoted. This day is not as widely publicized or celebrated as other popular days like Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day but it certainly is very relevant in today’s world. With families breaking down every minute, a day to help us remember and appreciate the importance of family is vital.

As a magazine for families, whose sole aim is to equip and support families to cope with urban pressures, Family Mantra hopes that this summer you will be able to celebrate your family. Take a step back, spend time with your kids, rekindle the romance in your marriage and appreciate your family for all that they are to you. To get you started on this we have a Family Fun-Time article titled ‘Empowering Playtimes’ which gives great ideas to help you play with your child this summer.

Our Marriage Mantra for this issue redefines the term ‘Valentine’ and may get you thinking if you are being a true valentine to your spouse.

As the editorial team decided to celebrate the family in this issue, we also began to think about different kinds of families and how families are formed in different ways. Families that come together through adoption were something that we thought we should talk about in this issue.

Is your child your ‘own’? Does any parent actually own their child or are we just stewards of our children?” The ‘Reflections’ column asks this pertinent question which is the theme that runs through the other articles.

Adoptive mothers share their story titled ‘Born in my heart’ of how their family was completed with a little one entering their family through adoption. We have an expert in the adoption field, Dr. Aloma Lobo shedding light on various key issues related to adoption. She provides deep insight into the adoption scenario in India and as an adoptive mother, provides real, ‘straight from the heart’, practical advice to all who are interested in adoption.

We also wanted to hear the other side of the story that we do not very often get to hear – The adopted child’s perspective. What does a child go through as they enter into a family and embark on a new journey? ‘Where I Belong’ is the story of one child’s journey to her true identity and family.

The editorial team at Family Mantra hopes that this summer you will be able to spend time with, enjoy and celebrate your family. Have a great summer!

Do you have a life changing story to share? Are you disturbed by a moral, family, parenting or other similar issue that you do not know how to handle? Do you have a view you want to share on the content in this issue of the magazine?

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