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July 2012: AddictionAddiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease that is spreading like an epidemic in your own neighbourhood, your child’s school and even your work place.

The World Health Organization has termed this disease the second most dangerous disease after HIV. It percolates into all areas of a person’s life and if left untreated, is life threatening. There is no pill or combination of medicines that can cure this disease. No, I am not talking about some rare tropical disease but about something that is spreading like an epidemic in your own neighbourhood, your child’s school and even your work place. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease that is life-threatening and even fatal.

In this issue of Family Mantra, we take an in-depth look into this commonly known, yet often misunderstood ‘disease’. We were very fortunate to have the cover story written by someone who was affected by this disease and was able to beat it. He shares about his ‘Road to recovery’ and we share his hope that his experiences and insights will create awareness and help those who are going through similar situations.

To gain further information and facts about this epidemic, we interviewed the experts at a well renowned Rehabilitation Centre in Calcutta. They shed light on lesser known facts about addiction and how we need to create awareness about it.

Fostering a love for books is a powerful yet inexpensive tool you can use to empower your child, and satisfy his/her strong and inherent desire to learn. Read our Parenting article and learn how you can help your child develop a passion for books.

Do you think two people need to have very similar personalities to be happy in a marriage? Or do you think opposites attract? Marriage Mantra gives you a “He said / She said” perspective which I am sure all married couples will be able to relate to.

Another issue with startling statistics that we have dealt with in this issue is that of the growing suicide rates in our country. Is it the indifference of our generation to the hurting people around that drives them to the brink? Or is it the emphasis our society puts on having the best car, brands, houses, mobiles rather than on inner personhood? Read ‘My Opinion’ which asks the question, if Zindagi na milegi Dubara, then why are so many in a hurry to get rid of it?

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