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Benjamin Franklin said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” Theoretically, we all know that death is inevitable. But is anyone ever prepared when faced with the possibility of losing a loved one? The trauma of losing a spouse or a child can completely shatter a person. Grief can be all consuming… how do you make sense of death, how do you behave or feel; how long before you must move on, let go, just get over it, and get “closure”?

A mother shares her journey and search for meaning through the loss of her four year old son. Her experience gives encouragement and inspiration to others travelling along the same road to finding ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’. A husband shares his experience of losing his wife after eighteen years of marriage. ‘Living through Loss’ is a ‘straight from the heart’, honest reflection of how he is coming to terms with the grief and using his experience as a platform to call men to treasure, love and appreciate their wives while they are living.

It’s often difficult to know what to say or do when someone you care about is grieving. You may genuinely want to help but the fear that you may say something insensitive or intrude upon their privacy makes you hesitate. In ‘Journeying with a Grieving Friend’, a professional counsellor provides deep insights into ways you can help a friend through the grieving process.

Sarah Abraham: Chief EditorWith the summer vacation round the corner, we bring you ideas on how to become best friends with your kids. ‘Summer Break from Parenting’ shows you ways to get out of your big parenting boots and wear a pair of comfortable friendship sandals this summer vacation. In the ‘My Opinion’ column, a son examines his seemingly unfulfilled childhood relationship with his father and reflects on how this has shaped his own experience as a father now.

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Cover Story: Light at the end of the Feature: Living Through Loss
Money Matters: Where is My Money? Marriage Mantra: A Conflict That Shaped Our Marriage!
Relationship Matters: Journeying with a Grieving Friend My Opinion: Time – The Great Healer?
The Dream Giver – Following Your God-Given Destiny Summer Break from Parenting!
Reflections: Hopeful Uncertainty