About Family Mantra

Family Mantra is a subscription driven publication with a quarterly magazine and digital resources that address issues that impact your family. Our sole aim is to equip and support families to cope with the urban pressures in every age and at every stage of life.

The word “Mantra” is Sanskrit, “man” means “to think” or “mind” and “tra” means “tool“; hence a literal translation would be “instrument of thought“.

We want to make people think, create awareness, and offer hope thereby building strong families and a strong nation.

Our nation is riding the crest of a growing wave of social, cultural and moral integration that already has and will continue to leave deep imprints on our moral and spiritual values. We dive in and take a deep look at emerging trends and urban issues on the Indian landscape, expose the risks of not addressing these issues at the right time and sweeping them under the carpet.

Our writers are people with real stories and experiences which they want to share with families in similar situations. These articles, written straight from the heart, are a treasure trove of wisdom, honest truths and lessons learned. They challenge conventional wisdom and dig deep into issues with sharp prose, measured insights, wit, and humor.

A panel of legal and counseling experts deals with the legal, emotional and spiritual issues that arise in relationships. Our special columns “My Opinion” and “Virtue Matters” gives you a glimpse of why we believe, what we believe. We intentionally have addressed issues using a Question & Answer format to make the magazine more interactive. This also gives more opportunities to ask questions for the readers pertaining to Indian Families.

Do you have a life changing story to share? We will help you to share the experience. Are you disturbed by a moral, family, parenting or other similar issue that you do not know how to handle? Our counselors will help you. Do you have a view you want to share on the content in this issue of the magazine. email us at