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Reflections: Infidelity: A deep issue of the Soul

Reflections: Infidelity - A deep issue of the Soul

It is a myth that a sexually satisfied partner will not be susceptible to infidelity. Infidelity is a matter of our mind and soul rather than just the body. The body only gives in to what our soul craves and what our mind dictates.

This disease called infidelity affects people from the highest offices to homes in the slums. Both the US presidential candidates have experienced infidelity in their homes. Living in a time of sex-plosion everywhere and in a culture of loose morals, infidelity is on the increase. This is not a problem of the rich or the poor as the corruption of our mind is invasive irrespective of one’s social strata.

This is a problem of human soul and it is not purely dictated by sociology or psychology. What do I mean by the problem of human soul? God created us as sexual beings with distinct polarity of sexes. Our sexuality is God given and sex is to be used for the purpose of pleasure and procreation in the context of a marriage covenant between husband and wife.

Exposure to pornography at an early age, early sex or sexual abuse are common causes which damage a person’s perception of intimacy. It has affected the inner core of the human being (the human soul). For such a damaged soul, the perception of intimacy is more a matter of lust than real love. It has affected human beings to an extent that lust overtakes one’s commitment to marriage.

This is a sickness that needs attention. How do we heal such damaged souls? The first step is truly to ask for help from the cre- ator of our life. When people acknowledge their problem, and are willing to confess it, the process of healing begins. To keep yourself guarded, it would be good to have strong accountability partner who could question you with freedom.

This could be your spouse as well, though it may not work all the time. Please be aware that cross- ing the boundary of marriage that God has set always has eternal consequences. When infidelity is seen as SIN, then you realize it is against God and His principles and against your spouse. You need to realize that we have crossed the boundary set by God for our mar- riage.

An extra marital affair oversteps the boundary of marriage and is like a Tsunami, dangerous and life threatening.

This boundary is like the boundary of the sea. Beaches are places we love to go to. This pleasure is because the sea has a boundary and we have the assurance that the water will not cross the boundary, which is set by God. When the sea crossed the boundary that was set by God, we experienced a Tsunami. When I think of extra marital affairs, which are clearly outside of the boundary of marriage, it’s is like a Tsunami, dangerous and life threatening.

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When one crosses the boundary set by God in marriage, it really destroys. So, if anyone is struggling due to a Tsunami effect in your marriage, put strong boundaries and ask God to heal your defiled soul and make a strong determination to enjoy the God given beach called Marriage… till death do you part. If you are experiencing such challenges in your marriage, please do get help from a counselor at the earliest.

Our national help- line can be used to direct you to the right person. Our Home Shanti help-line number is 1860-425-6555. We hope and pray it will bring Shanti to your home.

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