Movie Review

Finding a Family

Finding a family

By Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Time: 1hr 28min

Genre: Drama

Release: 2011

Director: Mark Jean

Based on the true story of Alex Chivescu

Finding a Family is worth a watch with your entire family! It shows the struggles of a ten year old boy to find a family as his mom is incapacitated after a car crash. Alex’s mom’s devastating car crash leaves her struggling with bouts of anger and depression, and the family court judge deemed her unfit to parent Alex further. Before the crash she was a capable mom who instills in him the passion for learning and he manages to retain it in spite of all that life throws at him.

Knowing he cannot be helped by the foster care system to realize his dream to continue his education and move on to study at Harvard, Alex searches for a family within the school district that he believes can fulfill his lifelong dream. The struggles of a boy without a family and his search for one are moving, as also his challenges to fit into a family when he finds one. This movie brings out what a family means to a child and what the loss of it does too.

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