Is Marriage an Outdated Institution?

Cover Story: The Ride of Your Life

The Ride of Your Life

Marriage is like a rollercoaster, it makes you feel alive!

Up to a certain time in my life marriage was about having a fairy tale wedding and wearing the perfect dress. It was all about making that one day special and that’s it. Now after being married for three years I realise that the wedding day is just a very small part of your married life. You can never be prepared or fully ready to get married. It is about finding the love of your life and then just committing to go through life in sickness and in health.

I was blessed to get married to my best friend. We were best friends for 5 years and then we fell in love with each other. I know you must be thinking how perfect this is but it was not always perfect, we had our differences and fights like normal couples but we had enough love to get through our differences. Then we realised that we were ready to tell the world, take our vows in front of God and get married. My wedding day was better than what I imagined and I was not only blessed to have my prince charming and but also have the most loving in-laws in the world.

I know most people think marriage complicates life and it is too scary to be committed to one person all your life. It does complicate your life and it does give you scary moments but isn’t life about experiencing all that? My husband and I had our toughest times during our first year. We had never stayed away from home or shared a room with anyone so it was very difficult to share everything with each other. Also we are highly opinionated and ended up arguing all the time. There were times where I thought I would never be able to live with him but then time taught us how to make adjustments. There was one thing that held us together and that was staying true to the vows we had made at our wedding.

He was my rock when I was down or felt helpless; he was always there to rescue me. I started to realize that though we had our differences we had become comfortable through these fights and arguments. I realised that he was the only person I was comfortable showing all my flaws to and I felt I could share anything with him. Even if we fight we cannot not live without each other because we have become one. We are partners who want to share not only the happiness in life but also all the sadness, bitterness and craziness in life.

At our wedding, the pastor told us that we need to make sure we love each other more every year. This is something that we check with each other every anniversary and we have successfully managed this for three years. Everyone has their special someone but it is also about letting go of all the doubts and just going for it when you find that person. To those who think marriage is risky, I would say yes it is risky but it is worth that risk if you want to experience a fulfilled life.

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