Community Is Marriage an Outdated Institution?

Is the Institution of Marriage Outdated?

Is the Institution of Marriage Outdated?

Marriage is a battered institution today. Dead, outdated, irrelevant are just a few of the tags that have been attached to marriage. When divorce is an escape route and live-in an alternative, Family Mantra asks, is there still some life in marriage?

We have and will continue to unashamedly stand firm in our conviction that marriage is important, viable and essential to a stable community, country and world at large. We acknowledge that marriages come with its bag of troubles; and sometimes a very large bag it is. Domestic violence, infidelity, bias based on caste, color and wealth have all tainted the institution of marriage. But do all these issues really indicate that marriage in itself is at fault? These are questions at the heart of many a debate and will continue to be so in the future.

Family Mantra does not directly enter into this debate on this issue. We have dealt with many aspects that work to undermine marriage in earlier issues and will continue to do so in future.

We believe God architected and instituted marriage – with a clear purpose and blueprint. When He instructed that, ‘man shall leave his father and mother, cleave to his wife and both shall be as one flesh’ it is both a definition and a prescription. Marriage takes a lot of work and nurturing. It has been done, can be done and will continue to be done even in the face of frustration and the overwhelming desire to give up.

We bring you a series of stories from couples married for decades, for a few years, and those who have chosen to stay single. These are the ‘couples next door’ who struggle with everyday problems and challenges. Read on and see if you relate to their insights from dealing with these daily issues.

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