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Marriage Masala: Celebrations

Planning times of celebrations as a family is a wonderful way of building trust and security. These provide ways of saying “I love you” and “You matter to me.” Birthdays, new arrivals, success in exams/work/other areas (however small or big) or completion of a difficult task, all can be wonderful reasons to celebrate.

Having traditions of celebrations or spontaneous outbursts all add to the joy and togetherness. Celebrations restore to us the childlike quality of enjoying sheer pleasure. Have you watched kids leaping and dancing in the water coming from a hose- laughing and rolling over and over in complete abandonment and delight as they splash water and spray on each other?

Sometimes we as adults can lose the wonder and delight in the gift of life and love together. Especially as spouses we have such long to-do lists that we forget to celebrate our achievements and only point out the unfinished tasks. Stop to celebrate regularly the small and big things we take for granted. Above all find ways to celebrate each other.

Have your own unique ways of celebrating as a family. Find ways to delight your spouse on their birthdays and other significant days for them. Let them know they are special to you and you are thankful that they are part of your life.

Have different innovative and creative ways of celebrating different things as well as traditions of repeating certain ways of celebrations that give the family a sense of belonging and enjoyment of each other.

Spice it up!

1. Find occasions that you can celebrate. Remember celebration is not only for birthdays and festivals. Try finding ways of celebrating:

  • An achievement: Spouse completed a long pending task
  • A milestone: You finished a course/learnt something new
  • An anniversary: 1/2/3/5 years in this house
  • An event: The gardens’ first fruits

2. Every month have an evening of celebration (e.g. the last Friday of the month) for all the good things that have happened that month. Take time to recount them and celebrate.

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