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Family Falooda:
On your own two feet…

Family Falooda: On your own two feet…

Do you spend hours in commuting, whole day inside closed rooms and are busy and weary? Do you get a cooped up feeling? Try and take a walk!

Exploring open spaces in the city or in the countryside on your own feet is the best way to experience relaxation, nature, quietness and much more. Two by two or as the whole family, get away from the cooped spaces and crazy traffic and walk your way to health and better relationships.

Just getting into the open spaces outside, helps us to be open with each other too about our ‘inside stuff’ and to really listen to one another. Getting outdoors where you can breathe in some fresh air and see some greenery changes our perspective about life and even conflicts. Walking costs nothing and is a great family time. If you have more time, take a picnic out and spend half a day with each other trekking and enjoying the surroundings. If you are in the middle of the city and do not have time to get away, even a walk in the nearby park, ground or garden is a good start.

Even alone or as a couple you can take a walk to ‘clear your mind’ and get some ‘you time’. A walk around the neighborhood, just the two of you when not many are around, taking in the familiar sights and sounds together would be worth your time. Come back in and you will feel the difference. So get out and get walking as a family. It is a great family time activity that builds health, wholeness and trust in body and soul.

Adapted from ‘Family Falooda’ – a unique and amazing resource for young families to invest into their children’s future- written by Rod & Ruthie Gilbert with Luke & Kirti Gilbert.

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