Family Fun

Family Falooda:
Box Play

Family Falooda: FAMILY FUN TIME

Step 1: Take a nice looking box or decorate a small cardboard box. Take a bunch of cards or cut out chart paper or any other thick card strips to fit into the box.

Step 2: Write a few lines on each card, such as:
(i) The king jumped into his racing car
(ii) The horse flew straight over the clock tower
(iii) The car decided from now on I am sitting at the table and I want my own napkin.
Once the cards are written out you are ready to start the game.

Step 3: Sit comfortably around and pass the box. Each person has to tell a story starting with the situation written on the card. Each person listens attentively to the others stories. The stories can be dramatic, humorous, short, long, fun or meaningful. Let each person decide what their story is about without any interference from others. Let your creative side come alive! You can add more cards into the box as you get more ideas. Keep the box safe to play again another day. The story box brings out conversations and laughter that knits the family together.

Adapted from ‘Family Falooda’ by Rod & Ruthie Gilbert with Luke & Kirti Gilbert.

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