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Beware – Failing your children is Failing a Generation

Beware – Failing your children is Failing a Generation

At an International conference at Geneva last month, we were discussing the various challenges for global transformation. In the 7 challenges that were identified as immediate global needs, the crisis in families stood out.

The main issue that came up during our discussion was the issue of missing fathers in our homes. It’s a global phenomenon and many organizations such as “Dads for life” are promoting the need for fathers to spend time with children. Many recent research also points to the fact of missing dads as one of the main cause for broken homes. Career focused mothers who see motherhood as a second priority also have added to the misery.

The time that is needed to be given to our children has been taken away by our companies and our busy life styles. The rat race to climb high in our career ladders has robbed us of enjoying the prime growing years of our children.

Before I even realized it, my older son has reached his 12th grade. Very soon he will go away and will be pretty much on his own. What we have invested in him in his growing years will be his foundation for the future. We have very little time and if we miss out on it, we have missed it for life. I realized parenting is not an easy job especially when our kids reach their teen years. Unless we are intentional in spending time and keeping the communication open, we can even become agents to help them make the wrong choices in life. It truly requires a lot of prayer and wisdom too.

As a dad, I have struggled much in this area of spending time with my children until l intentionally resolved to put it into my schedule to spend my Monday evenings with my children. There are always needs and demands from others and I realized that I need to be careful not to give away the time that legitimately belongs to my children. Interestingly, today’s generation has been given enough tools for them to stay all by themselves. Modern gadgets can keep our kids totally engaged without the need of many friends or even parents.

During many parenting seminars, we have come across parents who express their regret of not spending time with their children. So parenting is a privilege for a period of time given by God to do a great job of raising godly men and women for this world. If we do not do a good job, we have not only failed our children, we have failed a generation. Above all we would stand accountable to God for what we do with His gift of children to us. Check your schedule and see how much time you have allotted to your children. If you truly love your children and want to save your generation, schedule to spend time today! 

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