Health Matters: Maintaining Weight, Fitness & Good Health, THE MIRACLE Formula

Maintaining Weight, Fitness and Good Health THE MIRACLE Formula

Unlimited are the various methods, tips and centers for weight loss and fitness today. All of us are attracted to them and try them out and it works for some temporarily. The big question without any answer however is how you can keep up what you achieve permanently.

After battling with a weight problem for the last 35 odd years today I see that there is only one right way to healthy weight loss. For about 25years, age 10-35 I had tried so many ways and lost and gained weight many times but also suffered many harmful side effects. In the last 12 years however I have followed this Miracle Formula and have counseled over 4000 people and have seen my life and health transformed along with that of many others too.

The Miracle Formula

Walk Regularly
Walk 6-7 days a week for the rest of your life. We all eat 7 days of the week and all the systems of the body, all the glands and hormones work ceaselessly everyday, 365 days of the year. So the human body needs to walk all 365 days of the year too. If you are below 25 years of age, 6 days of walking may also keep you safe as you are young and your metabolic rate is still high. After 25 up to 30 years there is a sharp decline and this continues to drop steadily thereafter. If you are doing aerobics or kick boxing or weight training, you may do these work outs from anything like 3-5 times a week and your body and muscles definitely need to be rested from these types of training. Also please note that you can do these workouts only upto a certain age, after that your back and your knees usually get affected.

It is only walking that can be done on a daily basis and it is only walking that you can do at any age and anywhere in the world. This is the biggest secret that you need to know and keep for your whole body fitness and lifelong fitness and weight control. When you walk you exercise 90 percent of the 500 odd muscles in your body simultaneously for 25-30 minutes. That is getting all of them toned together, all days of the week without over straining or stretching one or few muscles. Also most health problems are related to two big hormone systems in the body like thyroid system and the insulin and blood sugar system which when mal functioning also slow or lower your metabolism and cause you to put on weight. Walking daily and regularly can help you to regulate the hormones and raise the metabolism daily and all year through and throughout your life.

Drink water
Water is also very important because the proper quantity of water helps you to stay fresh, alert and active. Whereas when you drink less water you are like a withered and wilted plant that has not been watered properly. You will be dehydrated and lethargic. You will do all your day to day work and maybe even your exercise schedule but at a slower rate and pace. This means that you will burn less calories and your metabolism too will be slower. Two and a half to three litres daily is a must for all unless restricted by your doctor.

Diet- Budget your Food
Weight control is about food management. Just as you manage your money by budgeting for basic needs, essentials and then extras or luxuries, you have to budget your food. Every day you need to spend your calories on three regular carbohydrate and protein balanced meals. The luxury food or fatty food or all food that tastes very good must be eaten only once or twice a week.

Eat plenty of fiber, avoid rice and rice items and try to eat whole wheat roti, bread, and cereals like oats, cornflakes, jowar, bajra or ragi. Eat fruits daily one at 11am and one at 6pm. Eat plenty of salad, raw vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, onions, carrots, radish, lettuce, cabbage, capsicum, etc., Have some raw vegetables at lunch and with dinner. Only oil that is used for cooking and seasoning food is permitted in a minimum quantity of 2-3tsp per person, per day. Food from the following list must never be a part of your everyday diet.

A – All fried foods and all nuts

B – Butter, cream of milk, ghee, ice cream, mayonnaise, etc.

C – Chocolates, cakes, cookies, puffs, sweets, deserts, etc.

D – Red meats – mutton, beef, pork and deep fried non-veg.

E – Wines, beer, whisky, vodka and aerated colas, etc. are for occasional consumption only.

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