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Connect for Change

A person I know, once told me about his traumatic childhood and the vivid memories of seeing his father physically abusing his mother. His mother would hide herself in the bathroom to escape from her husband’s fury.

Growing up with such a warped understanding of being the man of the house, unconsciously he repeated the same pattern with his wife. He hated those experiences of his childhood, but he eventually ended up doing the same thing. What each one of us turn out be has to do a lot with our upbringing and the values taught at home. Of course there are others who also influence our lives. But the primary influence is our own home. Many who become antisocial usually have a background of broken homes. Character is not taught, but caught.

Very often, I hear people say, education will change character. When crimes happen, it’s most often associated with uneducated people. I’m not denying the role of education in the molding of a person’s character, but I’m convinced that education alone is not the answer. We hear more reports of the educated being involved in very intelligent crimes. The educated are not demanding less dowry, in fact they ask more. The educated are the ones behind a lot of scandals our country is facing today.

Psychologically to influence one to change one’s character takes a lot of time and effort. And it’s practically impossible for character to change overnight, unless there is an intervention by God like in the story of Reny George. This is the mystery of human beings made in the image of God. Character changes that happens overnight as in the case of Reny, is only possible when we get connected to the God of all divine Character.

The story of Reny George brings to light two vital truths. Firstly, the power of a praying parent has a significant effect on their children. Secondly, it doesn’t matter how far you have gone from God, it only takes one step to go back to Him, if only you are willing to get connected back to the creator. Connecting our lives to God is key in building Character. If every parent consciously works in connecting their children to God, even the prodigals will return.

True Character is in God and He is the one who has the power to change our lives. God wants to restore families and He can restore even the worst situations of your life provided you decide to connect to Him. Even if you have been a product of poor influences, there is hope because we are made in God’s image. Stories of changed lives continue to make headlines because God is still at work and He can work in you too as He has worked in Reny and many others.