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Reverse Hide & Seek

Reverse Hide & Seek

Family fun-time was started in my home when my wife and I noticed that my work related travel had increased and our kids were beginning to miss me a lot.

Being at home together did not do too much good with each of us in some corner doing our own stuff. We needed to make our home a fun place. With 3 boys of ages 14, 11 and 7, it’s more fun now than when we started our home.

Here’s one great, crazy game that we play which our kids love. This is called Reverse Hide & Seek. Instead of everyone hiding while one person finds them (as in a hide and seek game) one person hides and the others have to find him/her. Now there is an interesting twist to this game. The first person who finds the one who is hiding, needs to slowly slip in with him or her and hide together.

One by one all the players join the person who is hiding without letting the others know. The last person who is left alone searching can be asked to do something crazy and then each one takes turns hiding. We usually play this at night with all the lights off and it really is great fun.

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