Movie Review

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hachi: A Dog’s Story

Starring: Richard Gere, Joan Allen

There is an old saying that “A dog is a man’s best friend”. In the present world where true friendships are rare, the movie Hachiko: A Dog’s story makes you think about the beautiful qualities like loyalty, love and faithfulness that adorn a genuine relationship. Hachiko: A dog’s story is based on a 1987 Japanese movie Hachiko Monogatari (meaning “The Tale of Hachiko”) which in turn was based on a true story that took place in Tokyo in the 1920s.

This movie portrays rather sensitively the beautiful relationship that the dog Hachiko and its Master Prof. Parker (played by Richard Gere) shares. The loyalty and love of Hachi as he is nicknamed by Prof Parker makes you smile and brings a few tears into your eyes. The film is set in a class full of young students giving f presentations about personal heroes. A boy named Ronnie stands up and writes on the board “Hachiko” under the word “My hero” and begins to narrate about Hachiko, his grandfather’s dog.

He goes on to narrate this heart wrenching story of a dog’s undying loyalty and love for the one man he considers his master and friend. This is a movie worth watching, the kids will love it and might even pester you to buy a puppy for them….lot of scenes leave you teary eyed…lot more would make you smile. The movie on the whole will leave you touched and thinking about what loyalty means. Make sure you treat this movie to your kids. Original DVDs available in the market.

Contributed by Mary Samuel